Our wines

The most important grape variety for us and for the Moselle is Riesling. It is one of the best white wines in the world and finds optimal growing conditions in the Kröver Letterlay and Steffensberg steep slate slopes with gradients of up to 60%. These Riesling wines are characterized by their unique character and fine minerality.

In addition to Riesling, we also grow other white wine varieties, Rivaner (Müller-Thurgau) and Kerner. These tend to prefer deep soil and can be found in our Kröver Paradies and Kirchlay locations. They offer a less acidic alternative to Riesling. We make the Rivaner dry to off-dry, while we offer the Kerner fruity-sweet.

Red wine is becoming more and more important on the Moselle and so Dornfelder and Pinot Noir have been a nice addition to our range since 1998. From full-bodied and strong dry red wines to red wines with a subtle residual sweetness, you will find everything in our collection. In addition, the Pinot Noir as a rosé on a mild summer evening or as a Blanc de Noir (a red grape variety made white) is always worth a glass.

A special experience is our vintner's sparkling wine, made using traditional bottle fermentation. In addition to the Riesling sparkling wine, it is also worth trying our Pinot Noir Rosé sparkling wine.

You are welcome to taste the different wines and find your favourite. We advise you from May to October daily from 9.00 a.m. In the winter months between All Saints' Day and Easter, we would be happy to hear about your visit over the phone.